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We are living in the supersonic age. Everything around is happening very fast and we also have to run with the age. But running without a proper plan has a high probability to lead us in a wrong direction. The same rule can be applied when we organize a function. Event planners are hired to make a 360° visualisation of the event, flawless execution and keep the spending within the budget. Without this visualisation, any step taken can be no step at all. A concrete framework is always necessary to make any event a successful one. Let’s discuss the key factors that must be looked upon by the planner.

Setting a Proper Budget

Events can be big or small. At first, the planner should set a fixed budget of the function. All the probable additional expenses should be included in the budget itself. Once the budget is final, no changes should be entertained. It’s time to shift focus from budget to the expenditure of

Setting a Proper Timeline

Just think, what can happen in your wedding day if you discover the payment of florist is not done? The flowers will not arrive and you have to dig your mind from where they can be managed immediately. Don’t let this happen. Whatever the function is, all the works and payments due have tobe completed within a fixed timeline. This has to be looked after by a responsible person i.e. event planner.

Planning in Detail

After fixing budget and timeline of an event, specific details need to be chalked out. At first, a guest list should be made which will include exact the number of people you will finally invite. Once the list is final, it’s time to choose the event venue. In addition, the venue should be checked properly whether it includes all the necessary requirement. If the event includes meals, firstly, the kinds of meals have to be decided and then a caterer has to be booked accordingly.

Setting a Proper Theme

Theme includes many things. It has to be decided according to the mood of the function. The colours used in tables, chairs, stages and overall decorations should go as per with the theme. The design resources have to be used accordingly. All these must be supervised by the event planner.

Being Prepared for Possible Challenges

Nobody can assure that things will always go as per planned. Crisis can occur anytime. Suddenly there can be major hikes in products or services or any other common crisis. In those cases, the planner has to take instant decision to overcome the crisis. If the preparation of probable crisis is already a part of the planning, the planner will come with more than one way outs.

Supervising the Whole Process

Only planning is not the function of an event planner. That perhaps any novice people can do. But the planner has to look after the 360° implementation of the plan. If there is not a single person who is looking after the whole thing, there will be a high probability of confusion. To avoid those kinds of situations, it is always better to engage event planners.

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