What Happens Pre Wedding, Stays Pre Wedding!

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For most of us, getting married happens only once and is one of the greatest days of our lives! The emotions which come in hand along with marriage are plenty, some are excited, scared and confused. And it is fair to be this way because after you get married all your decision should be in two point perspective and not the way you’ve been living until the day before. Like any one would imagine, these emotions running wild, make you nervous too. But amidst this crazy web of preparations and invitations, what is most important for a couple is to stay calm and make the Pre Wedding time really memorable. There are a number of ways to ensure that your Pre Wedding days are unforgettable not just for your guests, but for you as well!

Play around with food

Now everyone loves good food but having a conventional dinner party before the wedding sounds dull. You could mix and match various food categories or have only a single one served. You may serve a meal featuring desserts only or a brunch party which serves pancakes, quiches, french toast and a few other food items, which people love for breakfast.

Where’s the party tonight?

While having a great venue in town serves as an ingredient in the success of a party, a more effective “where” would not restrict your party necessarily to be in town in spirit. Based on your likings and dislikings, you could have theme parties which let you pretend you’re in the wild west, Spain or Hawaii. Ways to get this ball rolling could either be to tweak the food menu or the dress code.

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A more literal “Where”?

While having a theme party serves the purpose, it would never match up to the panache of actually going to different places. Not restricting your party to one location or destination could also be a way to make it memorable. A more mobile party on a cruise ship or even inside a moving limousine is sure to etch its way into your memories!

Costume Kaboom

If you feel a destination party doesn’t do the trick for you, you could ask the guests to come in costumes. These costumes could either be for the duration of specific events like dancing and drinking while dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. One could also throw a party based on what they love like a theme party which takes you into the spirit of their favourite movie based on costumes, colors and decor.


What’s in a party if not fun and games?

There could be a web of ideas to excite your guests and family and to save a pre wedding party from being a dull show. A simple game like ‘Two truths and a lie’ is sure to leave people grinning way after that particular day. This classic game has the participants come up with two truths and a concealed lie and tell it to other participants as calm and believable as they could possibly sound. Said guests need to spot the lie on this web!

A day in the field

It’s important for the bride and groom to know each other but it makes a party helluva less boring if you already know the guests who will be attending a marriage with you. One of the ways the couple can facilitate this is by having a party outdoors which is just fun and games in the true sense of the phrase. Games such as an obstacle course or sack race, bring out not just the competitive but also the fun side of your guests. To top this day off you could have a bar beque or some beer pong outdoors.

There are a plethora of such ideas which you may choose or even combine or deduct to make your party one of the coolest affairs attended by the people you want to be around when you tie the knot!

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