Unleash the best birthday party planning at home

Birthday party

We all have faint memories of the home birthday parties with the theme of a superhero or Barbie.

Surprisingly, home birthday parties, nowadays, sound less interesting as it reminds us of little children running around the house for cakes and chocolates or bursting open a piñata. The scope looks limited, so, here we unravel some party planning ideas which certainly shall change your thoughts for your next birthday bash.

The number of guests may certainly vary and we here on an average consider ideas for 50 guests expected to arrive for the party.

Decide your theme

Birthday party

Your party shall look boring and dull if you do not have a pre-defined theme for the guests. For children, it could be their favourite cartoon characters or superheroes and for adults, it could be any vivid though. ‘Go green’ ‘Neon’ ‘floral’ ‘retro’ are some of the themes and the imagination can go till the zenith.

Next comes the invitations

For children, the most attractive idea would be to make home made invitation cards and inform them about the things they should carry, for example, swimsuit if you plan of an activity in the pool. Nowadays online invitations are mostly preferred and it works well in case of both, children and adults.

Decorate and plan for the big day!

Buy the decorative items that suit with the party theme. Balloons with emoji or decorated with gold foil, piñata, a custom backdrop for photos, a cocktail stall, party lights etc. is what your adult friends will look for.

Children may find it interesting with balloons, interesting games, and activities they can participate in like conduct a scavenger hunt game with theme based clues and then announce a final prize.

Include activities for 50 children where you can easily divide them into groups and allow each child to participate and interact. You may have to think of separate activities according to the age of the children which captures their interest.


Plan your party food and drinks

A delicious menu on the party plate will serve a big reason for the guests to stay engaged. One of the imperative items, birthday cake has to be planned in prior. Make it eye-catchy and theme oriented.

Coming to the food, decide whether you shall be cooking or should get it ordered. After all, it should serve a mob of 50 individuals.

Plan your party drinks wisely. Fruit juices, squash, energy drinks are well suited for children.

Music and dance

This brings essence to the party, be it children or adult. This can be coupled with some activities and can make the mood more enjoyable. Carefully select songs which suit the party theme.


Children safety is of utmost importance and pre-set some protocols for ensuring the same. Keep the contact numbers of their parents and their address saved. Never let them go with anyone who is unknown.

Add up your own innovative ideas to these and bring out the most memorable birthday bash you could have had ever at your home!

Most of you probably have faint memories of the superhero or movie themed party you went to…in the third great. And you won’t find any Batman cups on this list, the fact of the matter is that themed parties are a lot of fun, and children shouldn’t be the only ones having it!