Sway of the mountains in Ranikhet for honeymoon


Celebrated, gorgeous, fascinating, charming and exciting, the Himalayas often sound more like a movie star than mountains. Situated amongst these heavenly mountain ranges is Ranikhet.

Crisp fresh air, chaste water, opulent flora and stunning views, Ranikhet has long given visitors a deep sense of wellbeing.

Rani Padmini fell in love with Raja Sudhardev in this beautiful locale of pine, oak and deodar forests. She chose this place for her residence. The name ‘Ranikhet’ means queens meadow in Hindi.


The town provides a stunning view of the majestic Himalayan range. Trekking through Kausani, Dunagiri and Sitalakhet provides a wondrous view of the beautiful terrain.

The legendary Chaubatia Gardens is famous for orchards, its succulent apples, apricots, peaches and various high-altitude fruits. Fresh refreshing juices and pure Himalayan honey can also be bought from the Chaubatia Gardens.

In the heart of a deodar forest area a very beautiful pure and serene temple of Lord Shiva, Binsar Mahadev temple will take your breath away by the sheer beauty of the location. It is believed this temple was built in a single day.

The idol of Maheshmardini is inscribed with transcripts in ‘ Nagarilipi ‘ which dates back to as early as the 9th century. This was built by King Pithu, in remembrance of his late father King Bindu. It is believed that whomsoever prays here for a child his desires are fulfilled here.

Neighboring the temple is the Binsar wildlife sanctuary It is home to a diversity of flora and fauna, and over two hundred kinds of birds including Forktail, Blackbirds, Laughing Thrush, Kalij Pheasant, Nuthatches, Parakeets and Monal. The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary has been confirmed an “Important Bird Area by Bird Life International.”

It is an idyllic place for an intimate experience with nature. One can view an expanse of the famous peaks of Chaukhamba, Trishul, Kedarnath, Nanda Kot, Panchchuli and Nanda Devi.

Binsar is the epitome of serenity and tranquility. It has an impressive view of the snow capped peaks and the Almora valley. Surrounded by abundant wreaths of mountainous vegetation, leaves, dangling moss and many other species of wildflowers, it feels like heaven on earth.


If you are an avid golfer this is the place for you if you are not then too you have to go and visit this highest golf course in Asia. Located just 6km away from Ranikhet, the Upat Golf course displays a well manicured sprawling nine-hole golf course with of course the glorious view of the Himalayan ranges.

A quaint solitary village Tarikhet is a major attraction. A small hut known as Gandhi Kuti where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during the freedom struggle is well preserved. It was the center of the major activities of the freedom struggle of India.

On the outskirts of Ranikhet is the famous Juha Devi Temple dozens of bells adorn the temple which is a sign of the wishes fulfilled by the goddesses.

A pristine lake surrounded by sun-kissed mountains is a lovely site for camping and picnics. This Bhalu Dam lake was constructed by the British Government.

Raise your vacation to its greatest heights in Ranikhet.

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