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Your baby is very special to you. You always want to do something best for him or her. When he or she is going to turn one, you prefer to arrange something amazing for it. Then your joy has no bound. You thought it would be better that if you able to do something heart and eye catching for it. As it comes once in a year, your goal would be to make your kid first birthday memorable for the entire life. But at the same time the birthday party idea may come in your mind what things you need to do for it. Is it enough for you to arrange a lavish party. The answer is “No”. You need to keep in mind the comfort of your baby. If it is not happy then what would be the purpose of arranging it. If you keep several things in mind then it would the best one for it.

Tips which you need to remember

The birthday timing is the foremost important thing since your baby is still small. The party should be for one hour or one and half, it will exceed it. It would be better if you arrange it pre or post nap time. Some prefers midday and others after dinner. Choose one which you would like. If your child is comfortable in a busy and noisy place, you could arrange it in child-teamed restaurant or children’s museum. If weather is good, zoo and Local Park are the best option. But if it does not like this then your home would be your first choice. The theme of the party may be simple and based on childish theme like fairy tale or Disney land.

You should not forget to hire a photographer to capture the beautiful moments of your child’s life. It would be difficult for your kid to cut a heavy cake, he or she will be happy with cup cakes. So, you arrange cup cake for it. Do not invite everyone you know because your child would not feel comfortable among the. Just invite very close friends and relatives. It must be sweet and simple. You can arrange several games but keep it simple.If you want to give a sweet touch then do not decorate the room with generic decorations, decorate it with the photographs of your baby. The photographs from the day on which it was born till the day when you are going to celebrate the birthday, could able to make it a photo collage

Make your Toddler Happy

Your toddlers always like to get gifts in its birthday. You can keep it under wraps and then make it a surprise for it. You can hide animals in a place and ask it to find them with others. You could do a lot of things for it, but always remember that it should be friendly for your kid. If it is not happy, then what would be the purpose of arranging it. Keep all these things in mind and make it a memorable day in its life.

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