Nainital The next destination for anniversary holidays


Nainital is a town in Uttarakhand state in India. The name itself depicts beauty. People from the entire world come to visit this beautiful place. Nainital is in a valley which is pear shaped. The scenic beauty of the place will keep you mesmerized and engrossed within it and you will find it difficult going back from this place. The pictures itself are so beautiful that if you get to search it on google, you will be completely enticed by its glory.

It is a famous tourist spot that brings many visitors from India as well as foreign visitors. It is a jewel of Himalayan Mountains and embellishes the mountains well. The place is surrounded by lakes that add to the beauty of this place making it hard to abstain from. The place is a paradise in Uttarakhand that attracts thousands of visitors from the globe every year.

Mythological History

It is also believed that Lord Shiva used to perform the famous dance Tandava over here. This magnificent place is also one of the sixty four shakti-peeths. These are the places where the body parts of Sati fell.

Naini Lake

The most attractive place of Nainital is Naini Lake. It is so beautiful that you cannot take a glimpse away from it. A stroll at this place also soothes the mind as well as the soul. It is said that Devi Sati’s eye (Nain) fell here. It is also said that the lake is in the shape of an eye. This is how “Nainital” go its name. Boating facilities are also available there.


Land’s End

Land’s End is a spot where trekkers reach because of the amazing view you get from this place. It is located at a greater height and is also surrounded by beautiful trees and forests. The enchanting beauty of this place will force you click the best pictures of this place as well as yours.


Tiffin Top

It is a hill where you get some of the most breath taking views of Nainital. The beauty of Nainital from this place looks like it is the most difficult place to stay away from. Nainital is shining like a pearl in the beauty of Himalyas.

If you have still not visited this place, I think you must have planned your mind yet to visit soon. After all, how much does it take making a trip with your family to one of the most beautiful place of the Land. Honestly, visiting Nainital will never be in vain and you will never regret coming to this place. Once you plan an adjourn, you may extend your trip but will never be willing to go back. The flora and fauna of Nainital embellishes the beauty of this place to a greater extent and even the first sight of the place will not let you sleep. You will not be able to take your eyes off its beauty. Visit Nainital or keep regretting to have not visited.

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