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Le Foyer

Le Foyer Banquet Hall is proud to be known amongst the most spectacular and premier banquet hall in the Gurgaon/NCR area for wedding & corporate party. Their aim is to provide you seamless service with best facilities that take care of all your minute details just to add sweetness in your special occasion.

From impressive business meetings, elegant weddings to social events and catering services, you will find every aspect of your event planning experience at Le Foyer to surpass expectation. Certainly, they are one of the most majestic and amazingly fabulous banquets in the Gurgaon/NCR area.

Special Features

Consisting of twin lawns spread over an area of 21,000 square feet each, the banquet provides a spacious arrangement to accommodate more than 2000 people at once. The banquet provides an excellent arrangement of a 6,000 square feet air-conditioned hall that can accommodate more than 400 people at once. The entire location is fully secured consisting of CCTV cameras for authentic surveillance and expert security guards. The soundproof partitions make way for comfortable gatherings, be it larger or smaller. With an excellent power backup facility and valet parking, your experience at Le Foyer is certainly going to be an amazing one.

Le Foyer Banquet

The menus are special features that are well customized to meet your exotic demands and necessities. The entire appetite schedule consisting of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, breaks etc. is well maintained by the best chefs in town and leaves no space for any errand to worry about. More spectacular facilities include the availability of LCD’s, LED’s and several other audio visual arrangements in accordance with the demands for specific functions. You needn’t worry about the internet availability at Le Foyer. High-speed internet access and Wi-Fi facilities are one of the amazingly cherished luxuries available here. The well ventilated and fully secured area with ample parking space calls for an incredible experience at Le Foyer

Weddings at Le Foyer Banquet

Spectacular weddings are one of the most insightful features of Le Foyer. The hospitality and authenticity at our banquet leave nothing, but an amazingly refreshing and a complete wedding experience with luxurious aura. Their hospitable staff will make your experience even better. The twin lawns spread over an area of 21,000 feet each, make way for a warm and elegant wedding arena. A spectacularly shaped AC hall with amazingly crafted walls and ceilings and soundproof partitions to cover larger or smaller functions as required and scintillating decorations add luxury to the much-awaited wedding of your dreams.

The location of the banquet hall amidst a convenient and exotic beauty of the city provides ample opportunities for the wedding to be a spectacular one. The food court area, stage, bar area and outdoor décor are well taken care of. The safety of the wedding area is one of their top most priorities. Other amazing entitlements include private bridal rooms, an enormous range of catering packages, well-ventilated dining area and maintained washrooms. The well-equipped elegance at Le Foyer calls for an incredible wedding experience.

Le Foyer

Le Foyer Weddind

Corporate Events

Not just wedding, Le Foyer is an exotic arena for premier corporate events also. The services and hospitality provided here are unmatched to the category anybody can probably look out for. The professional team of selected staff takes excellent care of the necessities and amenities of the guests making the business event and incredibly successful one. The well-maintained lawns with sound proof portioning for accommodating larger or smaller events along with specific security arrangements such as CCTV cameras and professional security personnel make the location an incredible one for hosting corporate events and making the grand affair gracious.

Le Foyer Corporate Event

Social Events and Private Parties

Apart from corporate events, arranging social events for friends and family on a graciously amazing platform calls for a host as awesome as Le Foyer. The incredibly exotic celebration with friends and family on the best days of your life is made entirely fun filled here. The central location of the banquet on Gurgaon/NCR highway makes it a unique venue for hosting social events. The happiness of the celebrations is doubled here. The comfortable and dreamy arrangements provided by the staff are incredible. The customizable menu with an excellent provision of world-class taste specific dishes calls for a much-awaited break with friends and family here. The magical décor of the arena makes way for a grand celebration of an amazingly perfect day on your priority list. The grandeur of festivals, the memorable enchantments of anniversaries, the unforgettable birthday wishes, all these and much more deserve a worthwhile host like Le Foyer.

Get Together

Arranging a get together with your best buddies and family members calls for grand locations like Le Foyer. Best in what it offers, your entire buddy list is bound to get mesmerized with the grand arrangements. The world-class cuisine is bound to excite you with an unforgettable zeal of perfection. The spacious parking arrangements and the special feature of valet parking make the location an incredible one for arranging the needs of the guests. The staff service holds a special significance amidst the outstanding atmosphere of the enthusiastic realm. You are bound to be amused with the behavior of the staff and catering services. The professionalism offered at Le Foyer is unmatched to the day for the uniqueness of the magical it is known for organizing.


The memories of a day made extraordinarily special can be nurtured and revitalized at a premier event organized especially at Le Foyer. The unforgettable memories created with friends and family can be revived and get accredited with perfection on the occasion of Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid and many others to count with. Your New Year Eve is sure to make way for a grand year at Le Foyer with the excellent welcome you get to encounter here.

The best of both worlds can be experienced here with a chilling authenticity. Perfection is the only thing they eye upon while providing you with the facilities they are best at offering. Be it the event organized for adults or kids, every occasion is conveniently organized with perfection. The seamless services, both indoor and outdoor make the experience of hospitality an enchanting one. The justifiably beautiful and enchantingly enormous services provided at Le Foyer call for a seemingly unique day to be spent well dipped in perfection here. Make it an event worthwhile, only at Le Foyer. They are waiting!

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