Kitty Party – Ladies all time favourite

Kitty Party

Kitty is coming!!! Hmmm where is the thrill, no looking forward to it. The same old boring routine. Get dressed, put on make up and go to some friend’s home where you have been a dozen times and you can predict what there will be in store for you.

All of us will hurriedly land up at the friend’s place. Then the usual bickering starts about who is late, while fighting is going on, all of a sudden one-minute silence! Someone announces the commencement of the the old game of Tambola. Again arguments begin about the game. Tickets torn and distributed pencils taken out everyone sit poised to scratch the numbers, stealing glances at each other to note what everyone is wearing.

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I stifle a yawn and pretend to be exited about it and play trying to look as if I am enjoying it.  I gather all my bored nerves and try to concentrate on the numbers on the tambola ticket.

The number look as forlorn as I am feeling. The host of the party in her flat voice keep uttering the numbers one by on. “Shake the numbers” a shrill voice shouts. The host shakes the bowl and keeps calling out the numbers “Two fat Ladies 88”, drones the lady and someone yells, “YES!, YESSSS!!!!! YESSSSSEEEEEEE!!!.” The game is over, the prize is hold your breath …a cheap made in china set of plastic boxes, but the one who has won looks like she is on top of the world!!!

Time to serve food, Mmm let me guess …. Channa kabuli, matar paneer, raita, rice, puri and salad, because dozens of times you have been here this has been served on all occasions with minor variations here and there. The ladies rush to their food and leave. You also leave and that is the end of a whirlwind Kitty.

I sit down and think is something wrong with me. All of them are dear friends who I know are intelligent beings but why are they acting as if they are still in college. I try to analyze myself and think I enjoyed the get together earlier, where has the fun gone!! I contemplate leaving the kitty. I call up a few friends and tell them what I am feeling and am not surprised to learn that they are also feeling the same. But we all agree that leaving this kitty party is not really a very good idea after all. We have known each other and we did have lots of fun initially till boredom set in when it became repetitive.

I try to think of what we need to make us happy, we need pampering and we need to feel good about ourselves, we need good food, we need fine dining!!!

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I start planning my party and inform my friends. They are equally excited. We all start planning out outfits. I book the best place for our get-together.

The day finally arrives. One step inside the restaurant we feel like royalty. The wonderful ambience of vibrant atmosphere with subtle color scheme puts all of us at ease. The quality and taste of the dishes are impeccable. We leave the place refreshed, relaxed and happy with a renewed bond of friendship.