Jungle Jamboree, Gurgaon best place for kid’s birthday party

Jungle Jamboree Banquet Gurgaon

Jungle Jamboree Gurgaon is one of the familiar restaurants in India, which offers extensively delectable foods in forest looking artificial ambience. It is delivering the most astonishing atmosphere to share your meal with your family members. The inner projection makes you astound with the decoration and as well as with the taste of dishes. Entrance of this hotel awestruck every individual with its stunning design and beauty. A single buffet meal consists of seven different dishes offering you the delectable combination of foods. In addition, you are capable of enjoying your meal in an aqua cave to make your evening staggering.

Jungle Jamboree is the appropriate destination for celebrating various occasions. This restaurant management is organizing some specific events such as corporate parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, get together, kids parties and many others. This particular restaurant makes the ambience of any party mesmerizing by their efficient service and delicious foods. For corporate experience of bouquet, this food stall offers enticing atmosphere with phenomenal collection of meals with variant taste and flavors. Kid’s party is quite different from all others. To make this more special, the management deals with special treatment. Foods are as well delectable maintaining the quality and standard.

This specific restaurant is offering some mouthwatering dishes with an effort to satisfy the customers. You can avail an unforgettable and seamless experience of meal at one of the familiar restaurants in India. The buffet of seven courses includes various prepared dishes such as weekly lunches, weekly dinner, weekend lunches, and weekend dinner. Vegetable and non-vegetable items are available for all those early-mentioned meal. Apart from this, kid’s lunch and dinner is also available in the restaurant that belongs from three years to ten years. Adult’s lunch and dinner cost around 640 Rs to 740 Rs excluding taxes, whereas kid’s lunch and dinner priced around 340 Rs to 440 Rs excluding the tax fee.


The technical facility of this restaurant is that you can book the service earlier before being present physically in the spot. With the help of internet and hand gadget, it has become quite easy for you to reserve the seat staying at your home. You can join the party anytime as your wish being confirm about the availability of the seat.

If you take the atmosphere of Jungle Jamboree in consideration, it is the idiosyncratic restaurant delivering different glittering auras. You can feel the artificial design as the real part of nature while the food restaurant will provide you such astounding dining arrangement in an aqua cave, adventurous hunter’s location, spell blind jungle view, and twinkling kid’s hall. In addition, 3D paintings or animations of animals and jungle appearance are added for ideal experience. In every celebration and festivals, you are invited to take a taste in that restaurant where an epicure meets with artificial arrangement of nature. Apart from the celebratory mood, you also can consider the hospitality of this point to celebrate the taste of life where the shop is nothing without you and food is the god for you.

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