How to plan for Corporate Events by HR Team


What would you do if all of a sudden, one fine day, your boss comes up to you and asks you to plan a party for your office? Wouldn’t you like to go all out and throw the most lavish party which would make you the cool guy or gal in front of your peers? But mostly what comes hand in hand with these requests is a handcuff which goes by the name: Budget. Often times corporate events are funded by the organization you work at and they demand the best services at a reasonable price. As a result of this, you could feel the opportunity of fulfilling this task slipping from your hands. What you could do when you have this sword hanging over your neck is go through our article. Here are some simple ways to plan a low budget corporate event:

Choosing the perfect venue

One of the most important roles to be played in this play of making the event successful is choosing an affordable venue. The money you save by choosing a venue judiciously goes a long way as you can split and use it for an array of other purposes. You shouldn’t book large banquet halls when you know that not a lot of guests are going to turn up.


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Simplicity is the key

The thing which immediately differentiates a corporate function from a marriage or other festivities is that you do not need to spend a lot on lavish facilities as a basic venue, menu and decor do the trick as these events are only meant to get people close and talking.


How would guests travel?

One way you could save the money not just you, but also our guests spend, is by choosing the spot of the event at a sensible place where everyone can reach without spending a fortune. This being done ensures a big turnout which in turn makes your party a success. Transportation cost accounting is an important factor.


Use tech and not paper

Going digital saves up on a lot of money which people generally spend during an event. A simple example is to send e-vites instead of printed invites which cost more than a dime. A website or a small app particularly catering to your event is helpful as well as environment-friendly.


Talk it out

Like we all know, when you talk and negotiate with a certain party, you might get surprised as to what they can offer you. You might offer your supplier to give them certain services and exchange said services for a cost cut down.


Help them help you!

You never know how people might respond once to let them volunteer for help. One way of doing so is to let juniors and interns come and work with you on this event and teach them about the working of your firm. This will reduce costs as well as increase the manpower.


Which vendor would you want?

A major chunk of thought has to go into who you want to be your vendor for the event. The event can only succeed if your vendors are co-coordinating with you and do so within your budget without making absurd demands of money.

Once you have looked into all these details, there’s a good chance your event will not only be a success but will also earn you the adulation of your peers and superiors.

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