How to choose a venue to organise a party ?

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We are all party animals, isn’t it? In this realm where events have become an integral part of personal and professional lives, their careful planning and execution are of utmost importance.

Venue of your event plays a decisive role in its hit and has led to a huge influx of venues to meet the modern day requirements.

As Julius Solaris, says “Choosing a venue is without a doubt a decision that can make or break your event”, so here is a checklist to help you find the best venue for your next event:

Recognize your budget

As they say, “venue decision will have the biggest impact on your budget and overall performance of the event”, your first task should be to work upon your venue’s budget and stick to it while selecting your options.

This will help to set your expectations from the event in the very beginning which will improve the chances of its success.

Customize the venue’s location

Is it better to select a location which is located within the city and has sufficient public transport nearby or a colossal venue located in the outskirts with a generous parking space?

Such questions have to be answered depending upon the event class and the invited guests. Therefore, a hospitable venue in a beautiful rural destination, for example, can be tailored to a small wedding.

But a large corporate event will probably look better in the grandeur halls at the metropolitan centers to suit the accessibility and the capacity requirements.

If you expect people to use public transport, then make sure to choose a location well equipped with easy access to the transit point.

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Must-have amenities

Look out for the must-have facilities which your guests will be seeking for. For example, for business events you might want the venue to be equipped with WiFi and its audio-visual equipments must be superlative.

You might need the modern days amenities like microphones, drones, changeable lights, DJ system, photo-shoot, attractive stage set-up, elaborate seating arrangement and the room to accommodate the guests seamlessly.

Food and beverage

This can be bliss to the event’s victory and can certainly make the event memorable.

Apart from ensuring top-class food quality, ensure whether you can accommodate outside catering and whether event attendees can order a la carte or not. Also, ensure to add a special-diet stall for the health freaks.

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A key-factory to decipher the correct venue for your event will be the one which can brand it magnanimously and shall add to its numbers.

Understand your branding opportunities inside as well as outside the location before you announce.

Hospitality and accommodation

This one has the ability to turn the table upside down and must be meticulously analyzed. One thing which your guests will certainly look for is warmly welcome and knowledgeable, efficient staff is much easy to work with.

Always look for what others rate to the venue staff before hitting for it.

Finally, foster great relationships with the venue coordinator and old customers to negotiate better rates for the upcoming events and to gain access to additional facilities. This might leave a lasting impression on their minds and shall seem to be a personalised service for the guests.

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