How to choose a venue for corporate team outing

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Employees who are the foundation of the company, work round the clock also sometimes want to burn their tiredness and do something exciting which gives them fun at work. Team retreat or occasional outing turns out as an incredible solution to improve your manpower’s togetherness, foster their communication and co-operative skills and as a result enhance their productive relationships.

Who would not like to be pampered, so do the company employees! However, the purpose of such company outings must be clearly set and the motive must be visible. For planning such occasions, it is important to select the venue which optimizes the purpose.

So, let us discuss the points to ponder upon while choosing the venue:

  • Does the venue serve team building retreats?

Before booking the venue, confirm whether they are built and designed to host such outings. Ideally, an event must be able to assist the organization and advice the best activities and tasks which can be conducted to suit your requirements.

  • Look for the location.

Remote, quiet locations in rural areas are usually the best options as it gives a vast opportunity for selecting challenging tasks which let your workforce live, perform and grow.

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  • What are the facilities provided?

Check whether they provide suitable accommodation or not, especially for female staff. Recognize the standard of accommodation which your business requires for such events. Look out for suitable places to eat and drink.

  • Understand the interest of your staff.

    Include those activities which are liked by everyone and enhance their participation. If required, take a poll giving them choices on the kind of fun activities they would like to include.

  • Understand your budget.

It will help if you are realistic with your budget since the beginning as this will maximize the chances of meeting your goals.

Next important topic to discuss upon is how to plan the actual outing. Here comes the role of game coordinator who can make it true. These are people who can think out of the box with their vivid imagination and bring forth the most creative activities which are pocket-friendly for you and fits your agenda.

Look for the following points before you show green:

Examine all the company outings successfully held by the coordinator

Understand the capability of the person to expand the realm of his imagination to suit the requirements for your staff. The person must be able to bring out such activities which interest your employees and they actively participate. The game coordinator must motivate the activities which require team building efforts and active communication and coordination amongst the teammates.

Must be friendly and influential as this will help him to draw more audience towards his activities.

Must understand in individual’s weakness and should be able to bring out solutions so as to overcome them. This is especially required as such weaknesses may hinder in bringing out the best potential of the employee in real time scenarios and working upon the same may help the employee and the organization as a whole.

Scrutinize your list with the above checklist points and analyze how effective the next company retreat proves.

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