How anchoring is making events more interesting?

Chandini Sehgal

Have you ever curbed the urge to take a sip from your drink at an event just because the anchor of the event was cracking you up with an irresistibly hilarious joke? Or have you ever stumbled across a moment where you chose to not switch the channel because the suspense created by the reality TV show host was too real to escape? Let’s talk about anchors, mostly metaphorically. In the nautical sense, an anchor, as an object, functions as a weight that makes sure that the vessel does not drift away. It’s rather amusing that the job of an anchor at an event is much similar. Their job is to ensure that the attention of the audience does not drift away. It would be safe to say, anchors function as strings that connect various events that make a programme successful.

Event management is not a cakewalk and anchors are undoubtedly one of the most essential elements of the process that event management is.

Anchor Chandini Sehgal

If you have ever been on the other side of sea, where the organizers belong, you must be aware of how essential it is to have a host at the event, who not only engages the audience by entertaining them but also, makes up for the extra time needed  by performers. To become an anchor, one not only needs a dynamic and engaging personality but also an ability to perform acute coordination and a sense of sound judgement. Wide ranging vocabulary and good diction of are not necessarily binding, provided the contemporary nature of anchoring, but they sure serve as the jewel in the crown.

Besides organization and proper conduct of a programme, anchors bring a lot to the table. Especially at live events where the level of insecurity on the organizers’ side is doubled up by the possibility of encountering a different quality of crowd than required, the responsibility of making an event hit lies on the shoulders of the anchor.

Depending on the quality of the event, anchors can put to use their sense of humour and if only the audience is welcoming enough, one can indulge in healthy roasting too and if not, one can always resort to taking jibes on their own selves. Interacting with audience keeps the show alive and make sure that a programme at no moment, hits a bland phase.

Talking of events, the need for anchors is now realised at all sorts of events, be it birthday parties, family get-togethers, marriages and others. The ability to discern the taste of audience and the quality of humour and content they are receptive to is an important quality that makes up a successful anchor. The niche of the audience is an important factor to consider. It is in the potential of an anchor that the greatest glitches at an event are transformed into a chucklesome moment and is rather accepted sportingly by the audience as well as the performers.

When the host initiates interaction with the audience and indulges conversation, it surely lightens the atmosphere and the spectators become live elements that not only are spectating but are also directly shaping the course of the event. Anchors not only bring content and connection between various performances at an event but also a certain character and level of energy.

Considering news anchoring, this style has slightly experienced the influence of pop culture and does not follow the traditional framework anymore. The hash-tag culture in the new channels has opened up gates for the audience to participate. News anchors also initiate voting on particular issues which make discussions and debates more participative.  For instance, open polls were conducted by news anchors on various news channels to record their opinion on demonetization by the Indian Government. Also, after the declaration of the UP, News Anchors recorded opinions on Twitter. The news channels have become more interactive in the last decade and that is mainly due to the hosts.

With the comedy shows trending on television these days, it is evident that witty anchors have a strong hold over their audience.

Anchors try to build a brand name for their channels by advertising a particular style of anchoring and displaying a particular stream of content.

Anchor Chandini Sehgal

With so much of diversity flaring up the surface, the competition between various anchors has increased as well which results as more entertaining hosts for the audience with better content with a great deal of variety. In fact, there have been instances of anchors have broken into a song, shown some moves, mimicked a celebrity and have done some not so traditional things to entertain the audience as well. However, it is essential to make sure that an anchor remains an anchor and does not start playing a performer.

Anchors definitely make events interesting and bridge the gaps between the audience and the event, making them feel more connected and comfortable.

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