Different kind of puppet shows for birthday party


Birthdays are always special and they need to be celebrated in unique and special ways. The decorations add to the charm but the party’s life lies in the entertainment section. These days, puppet shows are considered to be the best party charmer because all the kids love them. They are funny and fully interactive which makes them your kids’ favourite. There are a lot of puppet show organisers available these days and all of them offer a wide range of options in that sector. Depending on the theme you choose, they can be funny, motivational, informative or just drama.

Puppet shows have turned out to be an incredible success for birthday parties and that is why they have become a trending party add-on. There are different kinds of puppet shows depending upon the theme, style and age recommendation for birthday parties for you to choose from and they are as follows:



The puppet shows which involve thrilling stories from some famous books are always appreciated by the kids as well as the audience. They sure come with a happy ending because you wouldn’t want your kid to cry on his birthday, right? The thriller shows can be a story of a jungle where a lion mom lost her baby somewhere and goes through a lot of trouble to find it at last or it can be a magician performing his tricks with people applauding him. The amazing sounds in the background are the main charm of the show.


Funny puppet shows are most enjoyed by all kinds of people because they are suitable for all age groups. They may come with a story but the main focus lies on the humor element and how it is presented. They may be related to some famous cartoon series or they may be related to some comic book. They are used in most of the parties to maintain a smile on everybody’s face.


The motivational puppet shows use a story to bring out some important lesson you want your child to learn. Take for example a story of a poor kid who does not have money to feed himself and a puppet show can be used to convey the importance of money or the value of donating. These shows help in framing the child’s mind in a positive direction. This kind of puppet show can be coupled with a thrilling one or even a funny one by making use of a satirical comment at last.


There are a lot of other shows used in birthday parties. For example, there is a range of dances puppets can be made to perform. It sure turns out to be fun during a birthday party and can even change the theme to a dancing floor. The informative puppet shows can be used to to convey some important message that you would want to give to your child. They can include some things you would want your child to take care of. So overall, the puppet shows sure make your birthday an unforgettable one due to the memorable moments that you come across during the party.