Birthday – magicians & game coordinators


Having right entertainer can make or break your special day. Magicians and game coordinators are attention getters and seekers.

An event without entertainment is like a flower without fragrance. Your party is not a party when it is not full of uniqueness. Mingling magic is one of the best ideas to leave your impact on the minds of guests. Whether it is corporate event or small party, a magician can break the ice by creating the personal touch with your beloved guests. Obviously, serviceability varies as per your budget.

Hiring a magician is a sophisticated way to entertain your guests. The magician can become sine qua non when guests are waiting for the bride and groom. Functions like birthday parties, masquerade balls, anniversaries, Christenings, Promotions, celebrations may be events are of two or three days but impact is of lifelong. Hence, hiring a magician will be the perfect alternative to entertain to those who are coming to be a part of your happiness. Magicians do have charismatic characteristics and talent to manipulate minds of a guest. Magic has a power to attract the individual’s mind and one becomes curious to know about tricks and hence its effect remains in mind for long.



Hand  slight magic show

Such magicians are using coins, cards, rings & other stuffs instead of using heavy props like tables and chairs.

Micro magic

It is an experiential close up magic that involves your guests will be the part of a magic.

Mind readers

Mind readers with the aid of predicting techniques and psychological check mind readers will create an excitement among people because everyone would love to know their future and sub-conscious mind.

Comedy magician

From magic to comedy it will refresh whole environment by stand-up comedy show.

If you have a guest list of 20 people close up magician would be the great option. If you have a guest list of more than 100 people micro magic would be the best alternative. Mind reader is the best option when you are planning to invite 50-60 guests.


Game Coordinators- The live sensation

To hire a game coordinator is an exclusive deal to deal with children in events. Not only children, but elders also love to play simple games that don’t require paying more money or mind. Game coordinator must have the character to be social with guests with a good persuasive speech.

Indoor & Outdoor games

Game coordinator entertains guests with games like shoot the balloons, rings on a gift etc.

Dart game, bow and arrow, football, are popular games that are included by game coordinator in his budget.

The hiring game coordinator will add more sweetness to picnic, friend’s reunion especially in birthday parties. Adult games are basket balls, relay races, shuttle races, capture the flag, water balloons toss and fight.

Virtual game zone

It is a sophisticated fashion to entertain your guests by virtual games like crunch time, hoops challenge, targets toss pro, 2 Minute drill football.

Your events will be the talk of a town when it is organised with excitement and fun.

Giant games and field games are popular in company picnic and neighbourhood block party. Don’t find the gem let’s play a game.

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