Best paragliding places in India

Do you dream to fly to the clouds? Would you like to see the world from a bird’s eye view? Then you have no other option than to go for a Paragliding ride. India is a country you have the chance of experiencing Paragliding at every corner. There are many best places for paragliding in India.

Let’s look at the most popular ones.

Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh

Billing is located at the famous Kangra Valley. If you are looking forward to experience quality paragliding, you must go to this place. See the valley from an altitude of 2600 metres. The journey will last for 30 minutes. The best time to come here is between March and June. You can also come here from Dharamsala and Manali.

Gangtok in Sikkim

Adventure seekers across the world come to Sikkim to experience perhaps the best paragliding experience in India. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim having a very popular paragliding strip and runway. The organisers here will offer you Tandem Flights which mean you will be accompanied by experienced paragliding professionals.

Kunjapuri in Uttarakhand

Grab the chance to view the sun rising and setting from sky high. Paragliding here will give you wonderful views of Banderpunch, Gangotri and many other peaks. The feeling is entirely unique to see all those places below from an altitude where you can move like a bird.

Bedni Bugyal in Uttarakhand

Situated at an altitude of 3354 metres in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, Bedni Bugyal offers spectacular views of Himalayan Alpine meadow and mountains. This is the ideal place for the high flyers. You can also land beside the Bedni Kund or lake that is famous for its unique Brahma Kamal, the state flower of Uttarakhand.

Yelagiri in Tamilnadu

Situated in the Vellore district of Tamilnadu, Yelagiri has a paragliding club which provides instructors and equipments for the same. Each september, an international paragliding festival is held by the club there. So far, three starting and landing points at heights of 450, 560 and 600 metres have been located in Yelagiri.

Shillong in Meghalaya

Shillong, the Capital and major hill station of Meghalaya, is popularly known by the phrase ‘Scotland of the East’. The paragliding unit available here includes state of the art hydraulic payout winch system installed in boats. The boat tows fast so that the paragliders can rise upto 700 metres. The pilots are also guided by the organisation in radio.

Arambol Beach in Goa

Goa is a place loved by youngsters and paragliding here is bound to give you an adrenaline rush. Goa is also internationally very popular for adventure sports. Grab your chance to sail in the sky without any external support. If you are not trained in paragliding, a professional will be there to guide you.

Aravali Hills in Rajasthan

This is one of the most adventurous and beautiful paragliding grounds in India. It has many strips and runways. Take your permission from civil aviation department and fly in the cities like Jaipur, Kota, Bikaner and Jodhpur. Experience the best top view of Rajasthan.

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