Best birthday party themes


The cherished moments of happiness, delight and laughter, the revitalizing vigour of new hopes and dreams, the call of the new dawn to welcome yet another year of memories and a great time with friends and family, all these and much more, tangled in the bundles of surprises and blessings call for the much awaited birthday bash for the ones awaiting it throughout the year. Through a grand carnival of ideas, let’s peep into the world of perfect birthday party themes.


Fairy Themed Birthday Party

Filled with magic and surprises, this theme brings with itself a dreamy world of fairies and sparkling hopes of dreamy loveliness. This is a perfect theme to consider while throwing a party for the girl who loves this kind of magic filled splendour in order to make her day a memorable one.

Vintage Themed Birthday Party

This theme gives a stunning look to the entire decor and makes way for a magnificently blissful celebration. Be it cakes or fabrics or decorations, the old monk look makes the party theme a stylish and demanding one. This theme is perfect for someone having a vintage taste and enthusiastically splendid passion for soulful perfection.

Floral Themed Birthday Party

The refreshing and reinvigorating aroma of fresh flowers and candles along with passionately blissful creativity spread throughout the area of the party venue makes the floral themed party one of the most desirable and demanding ones. Strings of the enormous variety of flowers decorated in star studded manner make the ambience lively one and give the party venue an energetic glow and vigour.

Gold/silver Themed Birthday Party

For the lovers of sparkling decorations filled with silver and gold streamers, stars and swirls, gold/silver themed party is an amazing idea to take into consideration. The fluffy and crystally pristine decor would create a spark within the event and make it a perfect one.

Vintage Theme

Disney Themed Birthday Party

Especially for kids and lovers of Disney characters, the Disney themed party would go a long way creating wonderful moments of joy and bring smiles on faces in more ways than one. It would be a great idea finding Mickey and Minnie mouse or Donald Duck strolling across the venue and letting the Disneyland fun get alive.

DC/Marvel Character Themed Birthday Party

Imagine Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Wonder woman clapping and singing ‘happy birthday’ for you while you blow out the candles and dance in joy. The fun and energy brought about by this theme are unparalleled and magnificent one for those who are madly in love with DC/Marvel characters.

Themes Based On Favourite Movies Or TV Series

Imagine a birthday party where the lovers of Star Wars get to encounter Darth Vader or the fans of Game of Thrones get wished by Jon Snow himself. The themes inspired from the favourite movies or TV series of the birthday boy or girl would definitely bring unforgettable moments of vigour and happiness and make the day a memorable one.

Chocolate/ Wine/ Food Themed Birthday Party

For the foodies and lovers of chocolates or wines, these types of themes would go a long way in making their day. Although personalized in variety and interest, these themes are in elegant demand to this day.


Pondering deeply over the variety of themes above and letting our own imagination run wild and free, we can come across much more ideas and enthusiastically creative themes that we can use while planning a memorable birthday bash of a loved one.

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