Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Ideas

Mehendi Bridal

India is a nation where every festival is celebrated with great pomp and show, and no celebration can be bigger than the wedding of two individuals. Marriage celebration isn’t confined to just one day, instead, it expands to a period of three-four days and involves various ceremonies. ‘Mehendi ki raat’ is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian marriages. The to-be-brides hands are adorned with colorful designs of Henna. Mehendi ceremony is a fun-filled activity and all the friends and family members of the bride assemble to witness this ceremony and give their blessings to the bride.

But, apart from being a fun pre-wedding ritual, the Mehendi ceremony also has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it. Mehendi represents the bond of matrimony and is, therefore, considered a Shagun (sign of good luck). It signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families. The designs of Mehendi are becoming more and more intricate and beautiful with evolving time.

Different kinds of Mehendi

Gone are the days when Mehendi used to be one of the ceremonies which contained only religious significance. Nowadays it has become more of a fashion statement and there are different styles of Mehendi known by their region of origin or their region of popularity. There are different types of Mehendi designs like Arabic, traditional and many more.

Indian Mehendi designs are a complex pattern of peacocks, flowers, along with various other unique curls and curves, without leaving much space in between. It is mainly batik Mehendi design.

Highly dense, Arabic Mehendi designs are more like decorative outlines than filled patterns. Much simpler than Indian designs, you’ll mostly see just thick outlines of leaves, flowers and vines. Pakistani Mehendi ideas are a combination of Indian and Arabic designs. You will observe the right balance of geometric, floral and paisley elements in the design.

Next is the Indo-Arabic Mehendi in which bold Arabic style outline is filled in with delicate, traditional Indian patterns and shapes. The most sought-after style for Indian weddings.

Mughlai Mehendi is very neat and detailed. It has a distinctive style where every single curl and dot is accentuated boldly. It is the oldest and most traditional form of Mehendi. The next and the newest class of Mehendi is Multi-colored Mehendi which makes the bride look fashionable, and trendy by applying multi-colored Mehendi accented with crystals!

Significance of Mehendi

Apart from enhancing the beauty of the bride, Mehendi also carries a religious significance. It signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families. It also stands as a symbol of good luck and prosperity in the married life of the bride and the groom.

Change in trends

Earlier bridal Mehendi designs were very intricately drawn and every lady family member got to draw on the bride’s hands. But nowadays, Mehendi has become more of a style statement. It becomes a topic of discussion amongst the ladies and they all get to flaunt their Mehendi in front of other ladies. Trained professionals are hired to make Mehendi designs on bride’s hands. Prior appointments are taken at the renowned beauty salons to get the hands and arms adorned with latest Mehendi designs. In this way, it is also becoming an important means of revenue for the various salons and make-up studios.