Anchor Vandana Bisht – The beauty with a purpose

Anchor Vandana Bisht

Not all possess the charm to drive an audience at one’s command and those who do are blessed. When many of us refrain from even holding a microphone in front of an audience fearing judgements, there are a few who are rocking the stage and adorning it with their presence. While most of us like to be off the stage, some are passionate about be on it and leave an imprint on their audience’s mind. Such is the enthusiastic and charming Anchor and Emcee Vandana Bisht.

Literally, an anchor is a tool that helps in holding an object compact and in place. That brings us to the job of an anchor that is to keep its audience with it; a talent Vandana naturally acquires. From facilitating the events with requirements to bringing that oomph factor and the excitement among the audience, Anchor Vandana Bisht never fails to impress the people she caters to.  The pretty smile on that face knows how to work up the emotional appeal of its audience and yet the sharp look gives her a formal aura which makes her connect with her professional audience. She has seen the extremes and dealt with it strikingly.

A creative mind with the right amount of tactics has landed Vandana the best of work in her profession. As a successful Emcee, she knows how to prepare the audience for the good, the better and the best and make the hosts look utterly hospitable. Her communication skills have got her to a point in life where interaction with huge audiences appears to be a cake walk for her. Vandana has been seen adorning the stage of press conferences, Product Launches, Dealer Meets, Family Functions and other ceremonies, Roadshows, Fashion Shows and Concerts. With an easy grace and a perfect voice, Vandana Bisht knows no bounds of happiness and pride while she gets her talents rewarded. Her wit is such that could light up a dark and a boring function brighter than fifty electric bulbs switched on.

Anchor Vandana Bisht

Vandana appears to have an imposing clientele which includes brands like Mail Today, Navbharat Times, Panasonic, HTC, LifeOK, Asian Paints, Aditya Birla Group, Max , Samsung, Dnata,Ministry of External Affairs, Hotstar, Hilton Hotels, Whirlpool, Intel, Vivo, Park Avenue, Maybelline New York and many other to quote. She addresses the crowd where the motor enthusiasts crave to be- yes, Vandana Bisht has been an Emcee for AutoExpo as well. From traditional gatherings to formal professional events, there is nothing that is ‘not’ Vandana’s cup of tea. She has marked her presence in every scene possible. She was a part of the Samsung J series launch and the press release of the show ‘Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re’ by LifeOK. And to contradict such presence and prove her versatility, here are a few more events she has worked for.

*For officer’s choice with Delhi Daredevils
*Samsung Monitor’s Partner Meet 2017
*Whirlpool Modern Trade Meet
*J&K Tourism Roadshow
*CIEF Photofair 2015 by Panasonic
*HP’s campaigns at RWA’s
*MSME Summit
*Conference for the Ministry of MSME
*Press Launch of Triumph Motorcycle at the Auto Expo
*Samsung Galaxy 4G Launch and Dealers’ Meet

To know more about this ravishing beauty, why not look at some of her work! Following are the youtube links to the events where Vandana Bisht has been an integral part of the show.

Watch “Photofare 2015 for Panasonic, Anchor Vandana Bisht” on YouTube – Photofare 2015 for Panasonic, Anchor Vandana Bisht:

Watch “Anchor Vandana Bisht @Hindu College for Maybelline” on YouTube – Anchor Vandana Bisht @Hindu College for Maybelline:

Watch “Anchor Vandana Bisht hosting marriage event” on YouTube -Anchor Vandana Bisht hosting marriage event:

Anchor Vandana Bisht